Knowing when you are competing and structuring your training around a set schedule is important for all athletes, particularly golfers. Right now, professionals including former Ole Miss standout Katy Harris and former Bulldog Ji Eun Baik are doing their best to stay competitive during what feels like a back-to-back off-season.

“It was hard to find motivation,” said Baik. “Like what am I practicing for because I literally have three or four months until the season picks back up.”

Every year, players without status on the LPGA Tour go to qualifying school where they try to earn their tour card. How well you play determines your status in terms of how many tournaments you are qualified to compete in the following season. One of the toughest realities for players on the Symetra Tour, the LPGA’s official developmental golf tour is those who played well at least year’s qualifying aren’t sure how or when they will be able to use their status they worked so hard to earn. Most of the Symetra Tour schedule is in the spring and qualifying begins all over again this August. 

“I’ve only played in two events this year and usually I would have played in ten already,” said Harris. “I played so well at Q-School last year and worked hard to get the status I gained for this year and not being able to use it is tough.”

During the downtime, Harris is trying to mix things up at the course to maintain a competitive mindset.

“I play a lot of games and I play with some of the guys out here and we do a lot of point games and stuff,” she said.

Baik has used the extensive downtime as an opportunity to make more complex changes to her swing.

“I had certain moves that I had in Florida that I wanted to fix,” she said. “The swing looks really good now. Everything looks solid, so when the season starts back up again I really am ready to compete out there and win instead of trying to make cuts.”