Provine WR Deion Smith considers transferring should JPS cancel fall sports


At one point on Monday Jackson Public School athletes thought their senior year was in jeopardy. While it hasn’t been officially announced whether fall sports will be canceled, players are preparing themselves including the No. 1 ranked football player in the state, Provine wide receiver Deion Smith.

“I didn’t find out through my coach,” said Smith. “I saw it on Twitter and a couple of my players had texted me about it. We talked and the boys say they aren’t leaving. With or without a season they aren’t leaving, but you know I have to play my last year.”

The LSU commit is disappointed he may have to switch schools his senior year, however, not playing this season isn’t an option for him.

“It would hurt a lot because going to another school you would have to make a new bond with the new guys and things would be way different because they aren’t the same guys you started with since ninth grade. I have real blood family on my team and we are like family. We do everything together. They say we might have a season in the spring, but I don’t want to wait until the spring so I might just transfer. I’ve got two options; either JA or Jackson Prep.

Players on other local teams and fans on Twitter have been fighting over who will be lucky enough to pick up Smith this season. 

“It feels good. It makes me feel like a superstar. It’s shocking you know there’s a whole world of people texting me come here or come there but I am not trying to do that. I really want to stay at Provine, but who knows what’s going on so I’m just going to go to private school.”

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