(WGNO) — Fresh off a season-opening loss to Florida State in Brian Kelly’s coaching debut for the Tigers, former LSU-turned-Tulane quarterback Lester Ricard stopped by WGNO to talk with Ed Daniels for Sports Zone about the heartbreaking 24-23 defeat to the Seminoles in the Superdome.

“I have so much faith in Brian Kelly, I really do,” Ricard told WGNO Sports. “I think he was the right hire. I know people wanted Jimbo Fisher, and I like Jimbo, but I don’t think Jimbo has quite gotten the results out of Texas A&M that people have expected out of him.

“I think Brian Kelly is a steady, consistent leader,” he continued. “Everywhere he’s gone, he’s taken his time and built those programs. If you look at the recruits he’s gotten this year, Shelton Sampson, Kylin Jackson, guys all across the country that he has recruited – he has the right resources.”

On Saturday, Sept. 10, LSU (0-1) hosts cross-town rival Southern University (1-0) for the first meeting on the football field in school history.

Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m.

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