The jokes about Drew Timme’s mustache or the length of time he played for Gonzaga never get old.

However, as the senior forward continues his final run with the Bulldogs—who will face UConn in an Elite Eight matchup in the West Region on Saturday—Gonzaga coach Mark Few took a moment to reflect on his players’ nicknames over the years in Friday’s news conference ahead of the big game.

And for Timme, a player who is filled with a great deal of personality, his first nickname was comical yet appropriate in his eyes. “My nickname was dumb--- for a while my freshman year,” Timme said. “Pretty fitting.”

Now, the two-time WCC Player of the Year and three-time consensus All-American has a different nickname that is much different.

“He’s [Drew Timme] the union rep now,” Few said. “That’s his nickname now. He’s always on me about length of practice, length of film sessions, days off, etc., etc., etc., so I guess he’s moved up some.”

Few’s star forward has left a strong mark on the Bulldogs’ program and he does not take that for granted.

“I’ve been doing this 35 years and I just think he’s one of the all-time greats of the modern era and I don’t think enough people are saying it,” Few said.