Aaron Judge was the subject of some controversy earlier this month when Blue Jays broadcasters pointed out he was looking off toward his right during an at-bat against reliever Jay Jackson in Toronto, hinting that someone from his squad was relaying tips. Immediately after the game, the Yankees slugger said he was just looking at teammates chirping in the dugout.

Judge followed up his initial comment by saying he had some “choice words” about the cheating insinuation from Toronto’s broadcast team, but he opted against sharing those words with reporters. “I’m not happy about it, but people can say what they want. I’ve still got a game to play. I’ve got things to do,” Judge said. 

Now, Blue Jays pitcher Chris Bassitt says Judge’s explanation about looking into the dugout was a lie.

“They knew we were tipping. They were relaying tips,” Bassitt told Jomboy Media’s Chris Rose. “It that illegal? No, it’s not illegal. Judge’s response to it? I have no problem with it. Was it a lie? Yeah, it was a lie. What do you want him to do, come out and say, ‘Hey, all their pitchers were tipping, and I’m gonna tell them how they’re tipping?’” 

Jackson admitted he was tipping pitches to Judge, who hit two home runs in the Yankees’ 7–4 win on May 15.