Sports Zone Conversation: Lance Pogue


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — After three seasons as the head coach at Jackson Academy, Larry Weems told his team this one would be his last.

Enter Lance Pogue, who served as defensive coordinator for the Raiders, but who also spent 10 years as the head coach at South Panola when the Tigers were at the top of their program.

Samaria Terry caught up with Pogue at Jackson Academy in a Sports Zone Conversation.

Samaria: I think a lot of people want to know how did you get from South Panola to Jackson Academy?

Pogue: “Well, number one, I had my public school years and it is a public school that I was able to retire and from the public school that I was looking for an opportunity. I didn’t really know exactly what you know what? I’ve always and coach you and I don’t think you can write anything down for just to happen that way. A lot of times things happen by chance. And, you know, the good lord got his hand in that. And so, you know, Larry Weems, who’s here, is a friend of mine. We competed against each other. He was a Meridian. And at South Panola, we had a lot of battles along the way. And, you know, he asked me about coming down and coaching with him and coach the defense. I put a lot of thought into it. You know, that might be good for me. And I really have enjoyed these three years. And so that’s really kind of hard starting how it came about.”

Samaria: Speaking of South Panola, what was it like to win five state championships and a national title up there?

Pogue: “Well, certainly are having some fun times. I had 10 years they invested in my life and my family’s life. I wouldn’t take anything for it. The relationships, I’ve always had relationships that you feel maybe we need to make certain those championships or so much gone and they will always last forever and those trophies will be there with the national championship. Not sure that’ll ever be duplicated, and I hope it does. And just so you know, we have been overly blessed in football and but but relationships I had with kids. Even even when I came here, I still stay in touch with a lot of those kids. I know in the coaching staff and all those things that people in the community. So I would trade anything for it. And, you know, we just got to a point, after 10 years, you know, everybody go through situations that, hey, it’s time and now it’s time for the next guy to come in. But I put 10 hard years area of my heart and soul and I had so much success. And I’m proud of that. But to kind of really start a new new direction.”

Samaria: And a new direction with new challenges. We have Jackson Prep, MRA winning state championships. Ricky Black over at Prep winning seven straight championships. What potential do you see here with the Raiders program?

Pogue: “Well, I just want to imply some enthusiasm and some energy in our program and in our school community and in the metro area. And I want JA football to be relevant in terms of being talked about with championships. And I know MRA and Jackson Prep are in it and I want to get back to that. We have been before. And that’s my goal. And, you know, I won’t give it a rest until we get to that point.”

Catch the full interview Sunday night on the Sports Zone at 10:20.

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