SWAC cancels fall sports and begins plans to move the season to the spring


Alcorn State A.D. Derek Horne and JSU Head Football Coach John Hendrick react to the decision.

Alcorn State Athletic Director Derek Horne agrees with the Southwestern Athletic Conference’s decision to move fall sports to the spring. He hopes his staff can come together to find an easy transition to avoid conflictions with other sports. 

“We’ll look at the schedule and where we can accomodate. Men’s and women’s basketball is big for us in our conference as well as other sports but we’re going to try to find a window in there where we can incorporate this opportunity where we can make it as seamless as possible.”

Jackson State head football coach John Hendrick was hopeful for fall football, however, he is not surpised with the SWAC’s decision. 

“We started opening up and we hadn’t flattened the curve,” said Hendrick. “I told my wife I am not a prophet but this is going to be a disaster. The numbers are going to start spiking and they are just going to mess up football season.”

Hendrick has already begun thinking of his strategy as far as scheduling goes for his team.

“You know we get through the season and as long as we get done by May, I’ll give them a month off to let them get their bodies back, get them away from football for a month, school will be out, and then bring them back in to start working again in June to get them ready for the season.”

Hendrick also remains optimistic for “fall ball” if the NCAA allows it. 

“I’m just intersted to see now what’s the jumping off point now and where do we go from here in terms of are we going to open school in August and what is the NCAA going to do in terms of allowing us to have some time for preparation…maybe a fall ball or something like that.”

Coach Hendrick will meet with his team this Wednesday to discuss adjustments that will need to be made.

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