The Mississippi Braves bring their ballpark food to St. Dominic’s


General Manager Pete Laven and the front office staff show their appreciation for our first responders.

This past weekend the Mississippi Braves brought their ballpark food to St. Dominic Hospital to show their appreciation and support for all of the first responders.

Mississippi Braves Vice President and General Manager Pete Laven hopes that by doing this he can help engage the team’s fans and put a smile on our healthcare hero’s faces. 

“St. Dominic’s has been a great partner of ours for many years and with us not having games right now we’re trying to create ways to entertain our fans and sponsors,” said Laven. “With the hot dog happy hour, people associate hot dogs with baseball and Trustmark park, so hopefully by doing this we can be a diversion for those frontline workers and bring a smile to their face because it’s not work for us. They’re the ones doing the hard work right now.”

The Trustmark Park front office staff brought 350 hot dogs, a variety of chips, and even Trusty the Mascot to St. Dominic’s. It’s been just over a month since opening day when the team was supposed to begin their season on April 9th and Laven hopes to invite fans back to Trustmark Park when it is safe to do so.

“It’s beautiful weather right now,” he said. “We wish we were having a ball game tonight. It woud have been a nice night for fireworks. Until then, we miss everybody and hopefully we can have everybody come out and enjoy a game soon, but the most important thing right now is the health of our state.”

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