Mississippi Eagles are using season delay to build confidence

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Every day more and more teams and their seasons are being canceled.
But, for one up and coming professional basketball team, the coronavirus outbreak shutting down everything, is a positive.

Back in February, the Mississippi Eagles, the state’s first professional women’s basketball team, held a tryout for their inaugural season.

Owner Aja Williams, a dandy dozen from Provine, said owning a professional team was lifelong dream of hers, and the outbreak of the coronavirus isn’t going to stop the success of their season — that was originally scheduled to start next month.

“I still have some worries because I am new to this and we’re going off — I’m not going to say hope, because it looks very promising but at the same time, we don’t know,” said Williams. “But I think as far as what we have had the positive feedback up until now is what is really pushing us. We know that people are excited they came out and supported us the first time. So, we’re really excited to do it again and make it better.”

“The only thing that I will do it just probably push our season to be shorter, but it really gave us a chance to get back on page and things that we didn’t have time to set up on the business aspect, we have that time now. It didn’t do anything but give us more confidence.”

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