JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Leaders of the ‘You Gotta Believe’ Football Camp hosted their 7th annual football camp, which started on Thursday, July 7.

The two-day football camp will be until Friday, July 8. It features youth and high school campers who are willing to learn how to improve their football skills.

The campers are able to learn to increase their skills from NFL, former collegiate players, and popular high school athletes.

Two brothers, Robert and John Ratliff, started this camp to continue the legacy of football. They were former football players at Ole Miss, and they wanted to teach the youth to believe in themselves, their team and in God. They also started this camp in remembrance of their father and his favorite words, ‘You Gotta Believe’.

Robert Ratliff said their father said those words to help guide them through life’s obstacles, especially during football.

“We just want to teach that to the youth not just through football, but through their lives,” said Ratliff. “I’m just honored to share this messages with these kids no matter what their background is.”

The Ratliff brothers successfully started this camp and received a major turnout every year. They want to continue this camp for as long as they can.

Registration is still open for Friday, July 8 for all grades.