JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Broad Street Baking Company is among many restaurants in Jackson that have closed to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. But the owner, Jeff Good, said they’re still making a difference by baking.

“The great people at Corner Market reached out to us this week, and we started talking,” Good said. “They didn’t have any bread and they said ‘is there any way that you could do that?’ And we called up our employees, and I’ve been able to bring four people back to work to do this project. Broad Street bread is back in action!”

All three Corner Market locations, which are in Fondren, Belhaven and Maywood, are carrying Broad Street’s three most popular breads.

David Roberts, owner of Corner Market, said working with Good was a no-brainer.

“Good businesses helping good businesses, good people helping good people, that’s what this is really all about,” Roberts said. “They’re a great commodity of Jackson. So whatever we can do to help them out during this time, we would love to do and this was a great collaboration.”

Good said that by selling his bread at these other locations, he’s doing something much more than selling food. He’s providing a sense of normalcy during a hectic time for the people of Jackson, and he’s done it before.

“When Katrina hit, all of Jackson was out of power for four days,” Good explained. “One of the first segments that came back online was I-55 corridor. It was so important for us to get here the minute the power got on, get these ovens running, get muffins made, coffee, get everything up and running so people had a place to go. I’m told to this day that was one of the most important things we’ve ever done because people just needed a place to return to normalcy.”

Good added that they sold out of bread at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday and that they will continue to bake the bread for as long as possible.