Brookhaven man to break world record in golf

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BROOKHAVEN, Miss. (WJTV)- The usual progression in storytelling starts at the beginning and work your way toward the end. However, the accomplishment Yancy Methvien of Brookhaven has made this year may be pieced out better going from what he is attempting.

>> Yancy Methvien/Golfer: I’m breaking the world’s record for rounds of golf played in a single year walking.

>>Walt: Then going back to how he got started. The current world’s record is 878 rounds of golf in a year, by the way- but Yancy wants to top that and end up at 911. And he picked the number 9-11 because it is significant to him as a veteran.

>>Yancy: What was the date that really set my generation of veterans on this course that we’re on now that’s led to this was September 11th.

>>Walt: Yancy didn’t hit the links with breaking a record in mind. But discovered when he was on the golf course he finally got some peace of mind.

>> Yancy: Man, I felt better out on the golf course than just about anywhere else. I was relaxed. I didn’t have my mind on a lot of the things that had been bothering me. (Y) Golf apparently is very good mentally- as frustrating as the sport is- very good mentally for PTSD, stress related symptoms and recovery from some of the injuries that soldiers have received during their time in service.

>> Walt: In the course of playing Yancy joined the VGA- the Veteran’s Golf Association. And one other number Yancy discovered is 22- the number of Veterans who commit suicide every day.

>> Yancy: In the course of us sitting here doing this interview statically speaking and chances are there will be a veteran that commits suicide. Since the inception of the VGA in 2014, they’ve grown from a small group of veterans to 7000 and we’ve lost zero of those players to suicide.

>> Walt: So Yancy puts two and two together- obviously golfing, or an activity like it, helps veterans with PTDS or other people with stress to somehow get through it more successfully. So he wants to break a worlds record playing golf to bring attention to- as he puts it- back end cost of a war- with the idea of making us more aware of the problem- and making vets more aware that a diversion like golf helped him, and may help them.

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