Damaged furnaces could be deadly as temperatures drop below freezing

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When temperatures fall many people crank up the heat and if your home is not ready you could be putting yourself at risk.

“These residents are in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning,” said Richard Coleman the HVAC technician Coleman’s AC Heating and Appliance Repair said while inspecting a severely damaged furnace.

It is recommended that your home heating and cooling units get inspected once a year.

“If you were to see anything — in your home with an exhaust pipe with cracks and holes in you need to immediately call a service technician out,” he said.

Protecting your home could be a matter of life and death as poisonous gasses may not escape your home if the heating equipment is problematic.

The same thing goes for a gas stove. The results could be deadly.

Seal windows and doors, it keeps unwanted rodents and bugs away. It also makes sure warm air does not escape

“You take your door and you close it and you visually inspect for gaps and wherever you see those gaps at you open the door back up and you place the weather stripping in those gaps and it’s very soft and pliable so when you close your door back up it will seal all the gaps,” he said.

Protect your pipes by dripping some water through the freezing temperatures

In case there is a loss of power and you happen to use a generator remember to never use a generator inside of your home keep it outside in a safe dry place.

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