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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Corinth native founded a company that developed a Food and Drug Administration approved alcohol-free hand sanitizer. The product is called DAB. It remains on your hands for up to four hours, killing bacteria.

Former Governor Phil Bryant, who is now at a consulting firm, said, “I’ve seen this product early and believed in it and wanted it to be a Mississippi product. Trey King, a Mississippian, started it in Corinth, Mississippi in 2015 this is the type of thing Mississippi needs.”

The active ingredient in the product is benzalkonium chloride. It’s an organic salt classified as a Quaternary ammonium compound.

“The most important idea to consider is that it is not when we wash or sanitize our hands that we contract gems but, rather the time in between washes and applications and DAB fills that gap.”
-Trey King, Founder of DAB Hand Sanitizer

Sidney Bondurant, MD, Senior Medical Officer, said, “DAB uses benzalkonium chloride which is allowed by the FDA and is the only non-alcohol allowed by the FDA.”

The company is working to gain approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Bryant said, “We’re working with Dr. Ronnie Jackson who was personal physician for President Trump and President Obama before him. Dr. Jackson believes in this product and he’s helping us work with the CDC to get that approval.”

The senior medical officer of DAB Hand Sanitizer said the product could prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Bondurant stated, “We ask them to test it against a human coronavirus strain that was a surrogate for the strain that has come out of Wuhan, China, and the test results in the lab were very, very good. They showed that we were able to inactivate that virus in the lab greater than 99.9 percent.”

DAB plans to deliver ten cases to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in the near future.

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