EXCLUSIVE: Family of man hit by train say an ‘illegally’ closed road caused the wreck

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Steven Perry was hit while driving on Northside Dr. near California Ave.

A man is recovering in the hospital after being hit by a train in Jackson over the weekend.

His family says a roadway he usually takes was closed and this could have been prevented.

12 News spoke exclusively to the family.

Steven Perry is dealing with a number of health issues as a result of that train crash his family says this all could’ve been avoided.

Perry was hit while driving on Northside Dr. near California Ave its a route his family says it’s a route he usually does not take.

Perry will be in the hospital on Christmas – but he won’t be alone – his mother will be visiting with him.

She is calling on the railroad company that closed Walter Dutch Welch drive to immediately reopen the road.

“God does things in mysterious ways but I know that from where he lives he wouldn’t have had to go to northside drive to go through where he was trying to get to if the doc had been open,” said his mother Betty Smith.

Canadian National Railroad is accused of illegally closing the road.
It has denied such claims saying the road was closed do to safety.

“I’m going to say it again, I’m going to say it slow so I can say it some more the only entity in this government who can close a street is the city council,” said Councilman Kenneth Stokes.

Stokes has said the city should sue and the company should pay damages , but for now the road to recovery begins for Perry.

And in the time of seasons cheer — Steven’s mother is thankful despite the circumstances

“This is one I wasn’t expecting but god is good and I thank him with all my heart for him taking care of my son,” she said.

Stokes says that measure will be on the first meeting in January .

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