Families of Mississippi inmates held prayer vigil for those incarcerated

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- The Mississippi Dreamers Prisoner Family Support Group held a vigil for families who have loved ones behind bars across the state.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections are continuing statewide lock down after tensions heightened in the prison system and families are wanting answers. In the past week, five inmate deaths have occurred and out of those five, four of them were gang related.

In an effort to bring calmness to people who have lost hope or who are afraid inmates’ safety, family members held hands and prayed for a change in the prison system.

“Everyone needs to sort of open their eyes to this. We have been asking for changes for a while, for over a year now and everybody knew this was coming so here we are,” said Amanda Hamilton, Director of MDPFSP.

The support group said for years they have attempted to address many issues happening in the system in order to prevent tragedies like this.

“MDOC is supposed to take care of it and protect the inmates, and that’s not happening so you don’t know. And like I said, I haven’t heard from my son in a couple of days so you don’t know what really is going on,” expressed Hamilton.

The organization wants to send one message– everyone deserves human decency.

“It’s just time that everyone open their eyes and see them as humans. You know if they were animals at the shelter this wouldn’t have going on this long. It’s just true. You have a lot animal advocates out there, and I love animals don’t give me wrong I have three, however, we are talking about human beings,” expresses Hamilton.

The Mississippi Dreamers Prisoner Family Support Group plan to hold a peaceful rally in front of the State Capitol in the near future.

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