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Starting Monday Jackson police officers will start using body cameras in the field.

It is a new tool to help with policing in the city.

Today the Jackson officers learn the ins and outs of their new equipment, set to roll out next week.

Public Information Officer Sam Brown

Public Information Officer Sam Brown says, “The department is excited about the new technology in the new change with the body-worn cameras. Officers are excited about using it as a way of protecting themselves as well as giving a real account of what actually happens during a traffic stop.”

The body cameras have a 120 degree, wide angle camera. It’s designed to see exactly what the officer sees.

The person wearing the camera presses a button to start the recording process.

It will now be a requirement for officers to roll on every interaction.

Officers have been recorded for years with cell phones so now with the body cameras is the officers’ way of protecting themselves as well. 

The cell phones only capture part of the action. The body camera is activated before the officer gets to the scene.

Once the videos are recorded, the officers can file them under felony, misdemeanor, traffic stop, or citizen interaction.

“Transparency is a big deal. Everybody wants us to be transparent in the body cameras are a way for us to be transparent. You can see everything that happens during the stop and the cameras going to be activated before the officer arrives at the scene so nothing will be left. We have been training all day today and as well as tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, we will have them rolling Monday.”

This is said to be a durable, army grade piece of equipment that will benefit both the officers and citizens.

The body cameras were paid for in part by a $300,000 grant.

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