Plumbers, HVAC technicians adjust as coronavirus cases increase

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JACKSON, Miss (WJTV)- Small businesses are rapidly feeling the affects of the novel coronavirus.

While it’s not stopping to those who have to work in and around your home like exterminators , HVAC technicians and plumbers they are taking precautions.

Environment MASTERS is just one more company taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“Truthfully nothing would spread disease faster than bad plumbing, so I feel like we kinda have a duty to put forward and keep people working,” said Ben Nalty a service manager for Environment MASTERS.

Keeping people working ,and in good health is their goal as their employees have to check their temperatures before they head to the job.

“If it’s acceptable they can come into work everybody’s got the gloves, the mask and we’re using hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes,” said Nalty.

They are also limiting contact with homeowners and taking proactive steps to ensure a hassle free environment.

“Trying to stay current on their situation, we’ve been contacting customers getting age health information—if it is somebody that we think there’s a risk involved we will ask them if we can reschedule to things seem to die down,” he said.

Nalty added, the company is following CDC guidance and want their customers to do the same.

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