Reeves, Hood spar over taxes

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Lt. Governor Tate Reeves is accusing Attorney General Jim Hood of wanting to raise taxes. Hood says that’s untrue and he’s the only one in the race that hasn’t raised taxes.

Two weeks out from election day neither candidate is holding back.

“My view is if he’ll lie to you about his desire to raise taxes what won’t he lie to you about,” Reeves said.

Hood followed Reeves and said:

“I understand Tate Reeves has been spreading more misinformation you know he’s a desperate politician at this point he starts making up thing.”

Reeves says Mississippi has benefited from tax cuts.

“f we understand economics and we understand our desire to grow our economy the way in which we do that is we believe very strongly in this we believe that if you want more something in Mississippi you need to tax it less we need more capital invested in Mississippi to grow our economy,” said Reeves.

Reeves railed against Hood’s proposals for universal Pre-k, medicaid expansion, teacher pay raise , fully funding education and a grocery tax reduction.

Hood says he’ll pay for it in part by draining the swamp reeves created

“What I’m arguing is that we don’t need anymore taxes what we need to do is to go first place we need to go is to the waste what he has done with our money he’s given it away and all the contracts we’re going to go back and reevaluate all those first,” said Hood.

The back in forth is coming as two polls indicate different front runners.

Mason Dixon has Reeves up 46 percent to 43 percent — Hood’s internal polling shows him up 46 percent to 42 percent.

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