Walt Grayson Exclusive: Kerr Family Christmas Cards

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- Did you send out as many Christmas Cards this year as you used to?  Some people have dumped the stamps for email. 12 News’ Walt Grayson says that’s not the case for the Kerr family in Madison County.

The Kerr’s card keeps getting larger every year, in fact. That’s because of a clever card they sent a decade ago that started a tradition that seems to have no end. 

Walt: When the Kerr’s send out Christmas cards it’s a family project. With the mailing list grown to some 600 names this year it just about HAS to be.

Sonja Kerr: I hand write every envelope because I feel like that gives it a personable touch.

Walt: This ‘correspondence that ate Christmas’ all started by happenstance as most traditions do. Sonja and Ben’s best friend when they lived in D.C. area was Kevin Tavares, a professional photographer, And between them they came up with a clever ideas to show off the whole family each year on their Christmas cards.

Ben Kerr: One of the early years, actually it was before our youngest was born where we had our three daughters gathered around a snow globe. And inside the snow globe were the two of us with mistletoe sharing a kiss.

Walt: Now, that’s cute. And clever, and a trap! Because once you do ONE cleaver card, you want to try to top it the next year.

Sonja: Nor did we have any idea it would be this popular.

Walt: That’s right. And you NEVER knew how many friends you had until word spreads about your unique cards and the mailing lists gets longer than Santa’s naughty list. But the positives to all of this far outweigh the negatives.

Ben Kerr: It also serves as a good chronically for our children as our children have grown, as our family has grown it serves as a nice place marker from one year to the next.

Walt: Photographer Kevin has a word of caution to you if you want to try to pull off a creative Christmas card for your family…

Kevin Tavares: If you’re going to start this, be prepared to continue it because people will expect it every year. You do one card and they expect it again next year and the next year. And they expect it to be better each year.

Walt: That’s what happened with Santa. Just one trip one year and, boom, all of a sudden it’s every year, all over the world! But it’s Christmas. And what is Christmas, if not traditions?

Sonja says they are already are kicking around ideas for NEXT year’s card. But we will have to wait until NEXT Christmas to see what it is- when THAT card comes in the mail!

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