Barry worsens Delta flooding: Governor Bryant says pumps in the area critical

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Governor Phil Bryant says long-awaited pumps meant to alleviate flooding in the backwater areas of the south Delta are critically needed. He’s asked the federal government to fast track the location of pumps in the Steele Bayou Basin.

The governor toured the areas in north Warren County in order to stay up to date on conditions there.

Additional rainfall brought on by Tropical Storm Barry only exacerbated conditions in areas where homes and land have been underwater for nearly four months in Warren and Issaquena Counties.

Pumps in this part of the state have been the subject of controversy for decades. Environmentalists, landowners and flood control experts have yet to broker a compromise as it relates to flood control projects in the area.

This spring, an unprecedented amount of rainfall led to a domino effect down the entire tract of the lower Mississippi River Delta. Floodgates on the Bonnet Carre Spillway were opened for the second time in one year, something that’s happened only once since the spillway and the levee system was built following the Great Flood of 1927.

The influx of freshwater into the Lake Ponchartrain and areas along the Mississippi Gulf Coast all but wiped out oyster beds in the area and led to toxic algae blooms along the beaches in Mississippi.

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