DHS official calls for paper ballots to help secure 2020 election, Mississippi has a paper trail

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Homeland Security concerned about validity of count in upcoming Presidential election

Top cybersecurity officials with the Department of Homeland Security say paper ballots are needed in the upcoming Presidential election.

In Mississippi, thirteen counties still use paper ballots; others rely on tablets. All have a paper trail.

Gerald Harris talked to Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann who says he’s not concerned about ballot security.

“The paper trails are of course a paper trail for 13 counties, all the other machines allow us to come back in and do a paper trail off that machine and that’s what we audit when we go back out but you don’t automatically get a paper trail at the time you cast your ballot.”

Hosemann says the difference between the pape and tablet vote is little to none.

“The totals are the same. It’s just whether or not our voters want to see the dots on their individual ballot so we have the ability to audit.”

The decision is up to the counties moving forward. Hosemann expects some will want paper ballots.

“It’s not connected to the internet, so I think they have about another five years and as they come due I expect these Boards of Supervisors and my circuit clerks and election commissioners will get together and they may renew or they may go to paper ballots.”

As Russians and others try their hand at hacking voting infrastructures, officials here think Mississippi is in the clear.

There were attempts to hack during last year’s Senate race but they were unsuccessful.

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