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Fairgoers can sample some 'exotic' snacks near the midway

Jackson, Miss (WTJV) – You can take a walk on the wild side this year at the Mississippi State Fair. And we’re not talking the traditional turkey leg, chick-on-a-stick or funnel cakes.

12 News Anthony Howard went on a search for something a little different and came up with some midway gold.

“They say it tastes like a chicken that stayed in water all its life.”

That’s gator on a stick and it’s battered and fried with potatoes and onions. Sherry owns the Whistle Stop Cafe, only open during the fair.

“Somebody requested gator so we just kind of started doing it and we just done it ever since. Everybody loves gator, it’s a big seller.”

It’s not bad I encourage everybody to come to the fair and try gator sometime. If you’ve never tried it, it doesn’t hurt to try something new sometimes so come out and try some gator, later on, I’m going to try some rattlesnake.

Which led me to the pioneer wagon that sells cowboy eats like rattlesnake sausages. Chris Taylor is the owner.

“We’re always looking for something new to sell at the fairs or something unique to sell at fairs. It’s just something we’ve never seen in most of the country, rattlesnake on a stick.”

I gave it a try and honestly, it was pretty good so I asked fellow fairgoers their opinion.

For these offerings and more fun information about the fair, click here.

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