Former AG Mike Moore warns of the dangers of vaping

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Moore lead a successful fight against tobacco companies

The use of vapes among school age children is on the rise.

And in some cases vaping is becoming more addictive than tobacco. It’s raising questions of health and safety

Former Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore took on big tobacco companies and won a multi-billion dollar settlement.

Now he’s bringing attention to the vaping epidemic.

“Little kids, 10th graders , 11th graders , 12th graders even younger than that are getting addicted to it and when we saw teen smoking go all the way down to less than 5 percent for the first time in 20 years we’re seeing teen smoking going up,” said Moore.

He believes it’s directly related to vaping.

“People are selling ‘Juul’ as it’s safer it’s really not safer and it’s never been shown to be safer the FDA just kind of let it be on the market and I know this sounds funny but they’re experimenting with our kids they’re saying won’t y’all try this for a year or two and let’s see how it works out that’s pretty scary and it’s not working out very well,” he said.

People have been faced with injuries from their vaping devices including burned skin and lung disease.

“People get a ‘Juul’ pod they take that little thing that they can actually stick and hide do it in classrooms and they suck as hard as they can and they fill their lungs they’re getting a whole lot more nicotine than ever they will get off a cigarette and it’s designed that way and it’s designed to get people addicted,” the Democratic Attorney General said.

Juul’s CEO says he does not see large health risk but offers his regrets for teens hooked on the product.

“I’m sorry that there are kids who using the product and I have empathy for them for what they’re going through dealing with their kids trying to go through any kind of addiction especially an addition to a product that has nicotine in it,” said Kevin Burns.

‘Juul’ is currently under investigation by the FDA

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