When Republican Lt. Governor candidate Delbert Hosemann was asked a question on if he endorses Tate Reeves for Governor, he gave the following response:

“I think our party will best be served by everybody settling a bit before we do any endorsements and any other things with it,” Hosemann said.

Justice Bill Waller Jr., made news when he decided not to endorse Tate Reeves the Republican nominee for Governor.

Waller stopped short of throwing support his way on election night but told voters it was important for Republicans to pull together. 

Mississippi Today first broke the story of the non-endorsement.

Hosemann who won the Republican nomination outright against a lesser known opponent said it’s time for things to cool down.

“We had a campaign, we had a distinct winner, and we’re ready to go forward,” the current Secretary of State said. “I’m a Republican, so I think it’s time to let that settle a little bit.”

Hosemann says in due time he will endorse, but recognizes the three Republican candidates moved the needled on ideas involving education, healthcare and tax structure among other issues.

Hosemann will debate against democratic lieutenant governor candidate Jay Hughes on September 12th at 6:30 P.M. only on 12 news.