Not feeling the Black Friday frenzy? Here are some alternative gift ideas that won’t break the bank

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – While we here at 12 News are #FocusedOnTheHolidays, a lot of you are focused on shopping for loved ones. And while I respect that part of the holiday tradition, I am not in that number this year.

Since Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, there’s something about the consumerism emphasis on Black Friday that has recently rubbed me the wrong way. It could be that stores are opening earlier and earlier, interrupting one of few holidays that you don’t have to give gifts or candy to show appreciation.

To be sure I’m not being a Grinch, I was curious to see if anyone else is choosing to do a gift-less holiday, and what alternatives they have.

First I headed to Twitter, where 33% of my poll participants said they are not buying gifts this year. And 67% said yes, they’re buying gifts.

I asked the same of my Facebook fans. Eighty-six people took the poll. Of the participants, 44% said they aren’t buying gifts this year. And 56% said they are buying gifts.

Check out some of the responses from viewers in the comments.

Here are some alternative gifts that won’t have you fighting crowds and spending hundreds of dollars just to show you care about someone.

  • A well written letter
  • A donation to an organization or charity that supports a cause they are passionate about
  • A “coupon” for a one-on-one lunch or dinner date whenever they need it
  • For the young adult in your life, household items like a large pack of tissue and paper towels
  • For friends with children (especially new parents) offer to babysit for a weekend
  • Have a “cleaning out the closets” exchange. Bring gently used clothing and accessories to swap with friends

No matter what you choose to give this holiday season, make sure it’s given with the intent of love.

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