Parents mourning loss of children receive donation for memorial garden

Group receives $3,500

This is the site for the future Madison Children’s Memorial Garden, where parents can come and honor the memory of their children taken too soon.

Women of the Too Soon Group receive a check for $3,500 from the Junior Auxiliary of Madison County. The Too Soon Group plans to use the money to start breaking ground on the new garden in the Strawberry Patch Park.

Amy Cummins, Vice President of the Junior Auxiliary, tells us,”We heard about this garden that just kind of gotten started actually one of the mom’s who was a provisional in my class who has lost a child in the last year or so, and so we decided we wanted to spend our funds on this memorial garden and give it to these moms so that they would have a special place serenity that they can come and memorialize their children.”

The Too Soon Group is a collection of parents that have lost children. Sharing a similar tragedy helps them support each other through the healing process. They feel this garden will also be a great healing tool.

Cordie Rodembaugh says, “We’re going to have a water fountain, three tier water fountain, and walk ways with stones all around it encircling with our children’s names that have went to heaven and, it’s just very special to us since we have lost our child to come to a beautiful garden to just you know have memories of our children, to work the garden is going to be very healing too.”   

The Too Soon Group are especially thankful the Mayor of Madison approved the garden’s location.

Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler states, “When one hurts in Madison the other hurts and what is so wonderful is to see the mothers and fathers come together to create an area where they can come pray. When you look at the area with the chapel and the memory garden this is the perfect place that reminds us of God’s Grace.”

The parent’s of the Too Soon Group want to provide a place of peace for any parents who may be struggling with the loss of a child.

Cordie Rodembaugh say,”You’ll be able to think about your child see a beautiful place that they’re memorialized and that is so special because as a mom you don’t ever want your child forgotten.”

Lynn Wilbanks adds,”It just helps the healing process keep going. We’ll never be a hundred percent healed but it helps us to be able to put one foot in front of the other.”

Christine Kelly continues,”All of us enjoy being in nature, it brings us closer to God and, we feel closer to our children when we’re doing something and, we feel like we got a purpose with this and it helps the community to remember our kids that were lost.”

Lynn Baney concludes,”For me it gives a special place to remember my son and then for everybody, we focus on moms but its for the dad’s too because they have a loss as well. “

You can donate to the cause by visiting Madison’s City Hall, contacting Cordie Rodembaugh at 601-405-7699, or through the Madison Children’s Memorial Garden  Facebook page.

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