Stamps, Bailey race to become the next central district PSC

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The race for the Central District Public Service Commission pits a Jackson city councilman against a former candidate for the same office.

Councilman De’Keither Stamps, a Democrat and Republican Brent Bailey are facing off in November.

Bailey ran in 2015 but lost, he says there are conservative solutions to issues facing the office of PSC like new ways to find energy

“There’s certainly a price point out there that’s going to be more attractive not just to residential homeowners but, to small business and even large industries who have whether it’s an internal sustainability goals they want to meet or you know reducing their carbon footprint,” said Bailey.

Councilman Stamps says the use of renewable resources should be utilized better in Mississippi.

“These are proven things that are done all over the country but not to the degree they should here in mississippi and I feel that this is a way to keep our rates low and to be more effective in how we produce energy,” Stamps said.

The current public service commissioner Democrat Cecil Brown is not seeking re-election.

The central district covers 22 counties – many of them are rural and in need for high speed internet.

Stamps says growing the economy will entice electric cooperatives to come into town

“Growing that local economy that’s what we’re talking about is looking at all of the school districts properties and the county properties and the city properties do we can look at ways we can put solar panels out there, and other renewable energies so that we can grow that economy locally so then electric cooperatives can partner with those different entities,” Stamps said.

Bailey wants to see studies done to look at the benefits.

“It’s not going to happen tomorrow but there’s certainly opportunities over the next few months and next couple of years to bring all this into focus and as we continue to see technology improve become more cost effective I certainly think we’re going to cover that gap and get it there sooner rather than later,”

Election day is Tuesday November 5th.

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