Thousands buzz Magnolia state during hummingbird migration: Walt Grayson

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Hummingbirds make annual migration south

SUMMIT Miss. (WJTV)- Labor Day just about wraps up the summer travel season for most vacationers, but Walt Grayson has a story about some travelers who’s trip is just beginning.

And you probably have some of these in your back yard right now. What are we talking about, Walt?

Hummingbirds, not only are they in your yard but you probably enjoy seeing them. And we have plenty of chances here in Mississippi right now.

Bryan Chapman lives in Summit. He has been feeding hummingbirds for several years now and has built up quite a clientele at his front porch feeders. And September is just the time of year to see hummingbirds here in Mississippi because September is about the height of the fall migration southward for these fellows.

They’ve been as far north as Canada all summer and they are heading back to Mexico and Central America to stay the winter right now, only to come back through here next March.

Who can be in a bad mood while watching hummingbirds? They just make you want to smile.

Most spring and summer days I’ll see one, maybe two at a time around my feeder. But this morning when I went to the kitchen to get my coffee there were about five all maneuvering to get a place to eat where they can keep a watch on the other fellows.

And yes, the food in my feeder is getting cloudy so I need to change it. While you can buy prepared hummingbird food, you can make your own with what you already have on hand. There are just two ingredients- sugar and water. Bryan Chapman says it’s simple.

Bryan Chapman says, “one cup of sugar to four cups of water. Right there at the end of the season, you can go one to three to help them boost up for their trip back to South America.”

And you don’t have to boil the water. Just warm water from the tap will work.

If you would really like to see a lot of hummingbirds and maybe get to let one fly from your hand or watch them having their legs banded, make a trip to Strawberry Plains Audubon Center near Holly Springs this Friday through Sunday for their annual Hummingbird Migration and Nature Festival. There is a fee, but there will be plenty of hummingbirds and experts to show you and tell you all about them.

The hummingbird numbers will begin to taper off in about six weeks or so- so watch them while you can. It will cheer you up.

The end of the migration season here in Mississippi is toward the last part of October. And to get tickets online to the hummingbird festival this weekend, just Google Strawberry Plains Audubon Center.

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