#MSGOPGovDebate: What do voters in Mississippi want?

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Ahead of tonight’s Mississippi GOP gubernatorial primary, we want to know what’s important to you. What’s on the minds of voters?

When it comes to answering that question, it really just depends on who you ask. Sean Graham wants to see changes in healthcare.

“Fix healthcare in Mississippi. We have good doctors here but it’s just hard to pay for it with the insurance and all of that mess,” Graham said.

Republican candidates have a mic and a forum to express their views on tough issues Tuesday night.

“Roads and healthcare is the main thing,” said Taylor Adams.

Education is the priority for Adams, who wants to know more specifics on what can be doing to help teachers.

“How do you feel about education?”

“Keeping good education in the state in helping fix that brain drain. A lot of really smart kids end up leaving Mississippi because they can afford to go somewhere else,” said Leila DeGruy.

Infrastructure is a common concern for almost everyone we talked with, especially for people in Jackson.

“For one, these roads. These roads definitely need to be fixed.”

“ I think all the roads are going to fall apart before they even get time to have them fixed”

“The streets. That’s one of my biggest concerns.”

Voters also say whether the new leader is Republican or Democrat, they want someone willing to work with others across the aisle.

“Because not everyone has the same opinion and you can’t expect everybody to so I feel like we need somebody who is open-minded.

“I think our two-party system is our biggest issue I think that division is the biggest problem that our state and country is facing today.”

“It helps to have both sides and if they can make both parties happy. represent both then they can make it better.”

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