New Virtual Reality Chairs in the Metro Area

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Businessman brings amusement park thrills indoors

Its summer time, kids are out of school, and the sun is blazing hot.

One local business man is bringing the amusement park thrills indoors and close to home.

Shon Johnson says, ” I’m just trying to bring new attractions to Jackson”
Shon Johnson is introducing Virtual Reality Chairs to the metro area.

He has a station in Northpark Mall and another in the Mississippi Outlets in Pearl.

Shon Johnson continues, “All my customers enjoy it, never had any complaints and I’m looking forward to expanding its the newest thing in Jackson.”

And for those who think this is like other virtual reality experiences he say.
Shon Johnson add, “People come up to telling me, oh I have done it before, comparing it to their PlayStation, its not the same. Anybody that comes and tell me they did it on their PlayStation I let them ride for free.”

Wesley Blevins says, “I honestly forgot I was sitting in the chair, its like sounds and stuff going every where, you wouldn’t expect something like this to be so real.”

Another customers adds, “I thought I was about to die for a minute, I got scared.”
Even Johnson himself says the experience is too real for him.

Shon Johnson explains, “I tried it for a half a loop, I went down half a swing and I stopped and I never been on it since, it’s that real.”

Johnson also entertains parties, events, and festivals with his Virtual Reality Chairs.

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