WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – Though the country continues to deal with high inflation numbers, President Biden says things are starting to improve.

“We’ve added jobs every single month in my presidency, more than 10 million jobs total,” Biden said.

The president said there’s also good news for Americans still facing sky-high prices, stating, “the economy grew at 2.6% last quarter while inflation started to slow and unemployment stayed low.”

Meanwhile, Texas senator Ted Cruz blames the Biden administration for the pain Americans are feeling.

“You want to know why the price of everything you buy has gone through the roof?” Cruz questioned. “Because the Democrats keep spending money we don’t have, keep borrowing from the Chinese, running the printing presses.”

Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh claimed that “if the senator was talking about the American Rescue Plan, well, a lot of that money went to small businesses in America so that small businesses wouldn’t have to shut their doors.”

Secretary Walsh says doing nothing in that crisis would have cost people their lives or their livelihoods noting, “people would’ve been on the street, living on the street.”

Other major spending legislation passed under President Biden included the infrastructure and chips laws, which Secretary Walsh says are rebuilding the country and creating jobs.

Biden added that “the implementation of the legislative achievements are going to be one of the key parts of the success, I believe, for the economy.”