WASHINGTON (WJTV) – A short-term funding bill died in the U.S. House of Representatives Friday afternoon, pushing the federal government closer to a shutdown.

Mississippi’s House Delegation voted 3-1 on the failed measure. Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) was the only no vote among Mississippi’s four representatives.

None of the three Republicans crossed the aisle to vote against the measure, which died by a 198-232 vote.

The bill would have kept the government open for another 30 days and implemented various reforms aimed at securing the southern border.

Congressman Michael Guest (R-Miss.) said he saw the gridlock coming.

“This was something that I had expected to be coming for the last several weeks. We did see that a large number of our caucus, 90-plus percent supported this plan but we were unable to get this plan across the finish line,” he explained.

Thompson spoke on the House floor, rejecting the spending cuts.

“With just hours remaining before our nation is stuffed into an unnecessary shutdown, the House is being forced to waste time on a measure that would impose draconian cuts to vital federal programs,” he said.

On the Senate side, their proposal is not likely to be brought up for a vote in the Republican-controlled House.

“The Senate is currently looking at trying to pass something out of the Senate sometime this weekend. That bill would have no reduction in spending. There would be nothing in the Senate continuing resolution that would secure the border, and there would also be continued funding to Ukraine. That is a nonstarter in the House of Representatives. I don’t believe, based upon comments that he’s made, that Speaker McCarthy would bring the Senate legislation to the floor,” said Guest.

The Senate is expected to pass their proposal sometime this weekend. The federal government runs out of funding on October 1 at midnight.