UPDATE: Tropical Storm likely to form in the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday


Storm Team 12 is continuing to monitor the potential for a tropical depression to form in the Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center gives the low pressure area a high 70% chance to develop into a tropical system by Thursday. If the storm gets a name, “Barry” is the next on the alphabetical tropical names list. “Andrea” was the first storm of the year back in May.

The Gulf of Mexico is certainly a favorable environment for tropical systems to develop. Ocean temperatures are in the upper 80s, well above the required limit for tropical formation. Wind shear, which could rip apart any developing storm, is virtually non-existent. These are two key factors for development that would allow “Barry” to form this week.

Despite our high confidence of “Barry” actually forming into a storm, our confidence is low on exactly where it will go and what its impacts will be. There are lots of possibilities for where the storm could impact land, but the most likely scenario as of now, is a landfall along the western Louisiana coastline. If the storm does move onshore in Lousiana, Mississippi would see higher rainfall and a higher severe weather threat.

Even though the storm has not actually formed yet, Mississippi Emergency Management says that it is a great time for everyone to get prepared for the remainder of hurricane season. View the full hurricane preparedness guide from MEMA here.

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