JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As Mississippians prepare for the 4th of July, the National Weather Service (NWS) suggested some tips on how to stay cool during celebrations.

A heat dome will peak through several parts of the United States with temperatures ranging from the upper 90s to the 100s. Several records have been broken within the past weeks amongst many states, including Mississippi.

The state has reached numerous high temperatures throughout the past week.

The NWS has issued many heat advisories and heat warnings these past few weeks. With Independence Day approaching, many Mississippians are planning to do activities outside.

Eric Carpenter, senior meteorologist for the NWS, said the state should see increasing humidity.

“Even though we shouldn’t reach to the highest temperatures, like we have these past days, the values of the high humidity can reach to critical levels,” said Carpenter. “It’s possible we could be under a heat advisory.”

Carpenter advised all Mississippians to watch out for potential heat advisories so that everyone can take the right precautions.

The NWA suggests stocking up on liquids to stay hydrated, keep track of the timing of outdoor activities, and to have a set cool place nearby.