JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With soaring temperatures in Central Mississippi, many are looking for ways to survive the extreme heat.

“Here we’re going to have water sat outside on the porch area for those in need. We have chairs set out front, so folks want to get a break. Why they walking this area right here? A lot of people walk back and forth between the stores and things of that nature. So, people would be able to stop by, grab a cold drink. We have water. We have a few sodas. They can just sit right here on the porch area and cool down for those who need. We also have a few chairs set up inside with a fan pointed directly at those chairs, so they can come in and be able to cool down on their journey for today,” said Mac Epps, who lives in Jackson.

With temperatures expected to reach the triple digits this week, health care providers said this type of heat makes certain demographics more vulnerable to falling ill.

“For the elderly, to make sure that they stay in and get plenty of water, try to stay in during the daytime. A lot of times they want to get out, and they see it’s been pretty intense, and they want to get out and start shopping and things like that. But we want to ensure their safety. So, we advise them to, if at all possible, to stay in throughout the day. We know that they have doctor’s appointments, so we want to make sure that they’re doing the things they need to do and making sure they stay hydrated. That’s the key thing, is making sure that they stay very well hydrated,” said Dr. Marcus Chaney, COO of B1 Nursing Care.

Though there are local resources for the homeless to utilize, community advocates said everyone must help each other to survive the extreme conditions.

“We want to provide different cooling things for those that are homeless. So, we want our area that we primarily look after is Pittman Park. So, we’re just going to set up some simple things, just like maybe drop off some some cooling towels and some different little coolers with water and things that we can try to do that a couple of times this week just to have it out there,” said Epps.

Central Mississippi is expected to hit record-breaking highs in the days head. Health care officials are urging people to stay hydrated and be aware of outside toleration limits.