One week later: Neighbors continue to cleanup tornado damage


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Almost a week after a tornado hit the City of Jackson, neighbors are still working to clean up debris and remove downed trees.

A fallen tree damaged a home in the Belhaven neighborhood. One man who helped clear the tree from the area said the damage is a typical scene after a tornado or hurricane.

The landlord, Fran Baker, said one of her tenants was trapped inside when the storm happened and was almost crushed by the tree when she got out of her vehicle.

“The tree fell right where she was standing. The tree fell right alongside the driver’s side, so she would have been dead in 10 seconds,” said Baker.

She said everything happened so fast, and it was hard to process what happened.

“That first hour we spent together helping her realize what had happened. She was in shock, but then she really started understanding what had happened,” Baker stated.

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