SHARKEY COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A small town in Mississippi is picking up the pieces one day after a severe storm hit the area.

Three people were injured during the storms in Sharkey County, and one person was injured in Hinds County.

Homes, schools, and personal items were scattered in Anguilla. Rosie Hall, a resident, was at home when the storm happened.

“I was in the house by myself. I don’t sleep when it’s storming outside. I was in my house, on my couch and I heard some loud noise. I had my purse on my arm. I went to running. The wind hit so hard, boom boom boom. I said oh God. All I could call is God, God, God,” said Hall.

Residents are now under a boil water notice as a result of the storm. Workers have begun cleaning up and repairing the area. Boss Lady Food Crisis from the Delta, heard about the tragedy and brought an 18-wheeler full of food, water, and blankets to give to the community.

“I know it might sound cliché. Right here, right now, I ask them to keep the faith, and we’re going to get through this. We are all stronger together, and when we stay together, that’s how we’ll get through this. Like today, we contacted save the children. They brought in food, they brought in cases of water. The surrounding communities and town have been so supportive,” said Anguilla Mayor Jan Pearson.

The mayor said families lost a lot of their items right before the holidays. She said any donations would be appreciated. Those who wish to donate can contact Anguilla Town Hall at (662) 873-4978.