CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Canton homeowners are looking for leaders to find solutions to stop flooding in the city.

The floodwaters from Tuesday’s storm receded in Canton by Wednesday, but many are working to clean up the damage.

“My house, might as well say, it’s all the way gone. Water went all through the house. It’s a mess in here. My stove, it’s full of water. My stove, it’s gone. It got in my washer and dryer. That’s a lot of money,” said Glenda Roffn, who lives in Canton.

Roffn said this is the sixth time her home has flooded and repairing the damage has become more costly.

Canton Mayor William Truly said the city and the Madison County Board of Supervisors are working on solutions. Despite the city being rewarded $23,000,000 from the United States Department of Agriculture to fix the city’s flooding problem, residents said they’ve gotten very little help.

“They’re aware of the issue, but they are not fixing it. They are not fixing the problem. I mean the problem is, my dad called the alderman, and she keeps saying that they’re going to get this done, get that done. No one’s done anything,” said Calvin Young.

Young has lived on Martin Luther King Drive since 1961, and he said he’s lost thousands of dollars repairing the damage.

Truly said the funds given to the city will likely go towards building retention ponds to keep the water from getting into the city, but he said those funds are not directly available to the city and will be allocated by the Board of Supervisors after a plan is put in place.

Truly said he hopes construction on the ponds will begin early next year.

The city will hold a community meeting to discuss the future of Canton’s infrastructure Thursday evening from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the Canton Multiple Purpose Complex on Soldiers Colony Road.