BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV)- A Byram subdivision is experiencing extensive flood damage after heavy rains poured down Saturday morning, but neighbors say this is nothing new.

People along Meagan Drive in Robinson Estates say high level flooding happens around their home every time rain comes.

Joyce Jernigan, a three year resident on Megan Drive, said her home has flooded at least five times. The flood problem stems from a creek that flows near the houses in the neighborhood.

“Every time it rains here you have to watch and make sure it isn’t flooding. You have to pick up things. Sometimes you have to leave your house. It’s just frustrating,” expressed Jerningan.

She continued, “We have a creek around our houses here and if the creek fills up, it feels the drain up. It won’t drain properly, then it fills up and comes into everyone’s houses.”

Montrell Pierce who is a neighbor that lives across the street from Jernigan say moving is an option if the problem is not handled soon.

“I can’t afford to keep taking losses. I’ve tried to get quotes on how much it would cost to fix what’s going on and the lowest I’ve gotten was 2500.”

According to neighbors, in order to prevent the water overflowing from the creek, city officials dug up a ditch, however, they say it has led to more issues.

“In the last two weeks it’s gotten worst. It usually gets to the door step.
I guess since they’ve started digging I think they were trying to make it better but it got worst. It went down there too. This time I got damage in every room,” said Pierce.

For now, people living in the area say they will continue to reach out to Byram officials and Public Works until change happens.

Meanwhile, Public Works Director Cohn Livingston said the city has looked into rebuilding a retention pond to hold the water to control flash flood events from reoccurring, but shared that the city does not own Branch Creek– the community members do.