JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Using various heating sources during winter months can be risky if the equipment is not used properly.

With temperatures expected to drop in Mississippi this week, neighbors will be finding ways to stay warm by using a fireplace or space heaters. However, the equipment could increase the risk of a fire at a home.

“Normally, what we hear is they had a little space heater sitting nearby next to the couch. Some like that, just trying to keep their room warm, so you want to be mindful of the space between your heaters and other materials in the room,” said Deputy Chief James Stokes with the Ridgeland Fire Department.

Chimney fires are usually caused from residue buildup and improper maintenance.

“You need real inspections before you start any type of fire in your house, and you’ve got to have a check that’s critical. So one mistake, your whole house can burn down,” said Samuel Adams, the Chimney Doctor.

Neighbors are also encouraged to check their smoke detectors and keep an up to date fire extinguisher in their homes.