CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Cleanup is underway after severe thunderstorms ripped through the Jackson metro area on Sunday, March 26.

Winds up to 70 mph left damage across the metro. Several large trees and power poles were toppled over. Limbs and branches were sent flying through windshields, and many windows were shattered by golf size hail.

The awning of Sonic in Clinton was also ripped from the building. Residents said they were horrified to see the aftermath of the storm.

“It did extensive damage, blew the air conditioning system on the roof, picked it up, set it back down on the roof then it blew the ventilation system, the air handler system, that’s laying up here in front of this Chrysler, up off the roof. When the big, powerful winds came, the sergeant of the police department saw it when it hit right here in the parking lot. He heard it coming. He came out the door and then here it came. And when it got close to the building, it was like a sonic boom went off like a big explosion. Then all the windows just exploded, said J.R. Durhan, General Manager at Just Friends Club.

Mary Patterson, a resident of Ridgeway Apartment said, “You just hear the wind blowing. I mean, the wind was so bad and you got a hail the size of a golf ball, it looked like a snowball. Then things just went flying everywhere. As I went to turn into my residence, that’s when I heard the tree fall. Boom! When it fell bushes, trees, everything just went everywhere.”

The Mayor of Clinton said the subdivisions of Olde Vineyard, Kirkwood, and Oakhurst may be without power through out Monday night. No injuries have been reported.