JONES COUNTY, Miss. (WHLT) – As the storm damage across Kentucky complicate efforts to find people who are missing, Mississippi residents are stepping up to help those impacted by the devastation.

The late July floods in Kentucky have left some communities nearly impossible to access with washed out roads, no clean water and no electricity. Although the floods took place weeks ago, many people remain stranded. Now some in Mississippi feel moved to help out because they remember the time when devastation happened here.

“All I could think of was Katrina when the hurricane hit us a few years ago. It was devastating. It was for our group, it was the local churches that came and helped us clean up. Sometimes, when we’re hurting we receive and sometimes it’s up to us to give. This is our time to give,” said Brandon Wilson, a pastor with Pine Ridge.

In the week long collection of items for Kentucky storm victims, the church has collected tissue paper, towels, water, and pet food. Down at the Jones County Sheriff’s Department, they also said the devastation has moved them to help. 

“We decided to get involved on this because back in Katrina, multiple states around the United States chipped in to help us here in Mississippi. With the flooding in Kentucky, we feel like we weren’t obligated, but it led us to help them. It’s pleasing to see we have several cases of water, cleaning supplies and stuff,” said Sheriff Joe Berlin.

The church plans to drive the donations to Kentucky on Monday. They said although devastation seems like an end, their faith is what the people in Kentucky should hold close now. 

“A rich man without God is just a poor man with money because if you don’t have the lord in your life, you’re missing out on life’s greatest gift, and that is Jesus Christ.”

Pine Ridge is taking donations until Saturday.