JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Leaders with CenterPoint Energy are encouraging to Mississippians to conserve their natural gas amid freezing temperatures.

Company leaders said they’re experiencing record natural gas usage as the arctic cold front impacts the state.

“In order to prevent service interruptions, we ask our customers to conserve energy at this time,” said Bo Murphy, Vice President Louisiana and Mississippi Gas for CenterPoint Energy.

Company leaders encourage Mississippians to use the following energy-saving tips:

  • Check your furnace filter: Change or clean the filter to ensure good air flow, which is essential for the efficiency of your furnace.
  • Keep curtains and blinds open during the day: This will allow the sun’s natural heat to warm your house. Close curtains and blinds at night so you don’t lose heat when the sun goes down. Also, set your ceiling fans to turn clockwise to circulate warm air.
  • Make your home more airtight to keep warm air in and cold air out: Use caulk or weather-stripping to seal leaks around doors, windows and other openings such as pipes or ducts. Close fireplace dampers when not in use so you don’t lose heat.
  • Be mindful of your pool heater usage: You can keep your pumps on without the heater to prevent your pool water from freezing.

If you smell the “rotten egg” odor of natural gas, immediately leave on foot, go to a safe location and call both 911 and CenterPoint Energy at (888)-876-5786. Don’t use electric switches or outlets, phones (including cell phones), drive or start a car inside or close to the location or do anything that could cause a spark.