ROLLING FORK, Miss. (WJTV) – People in Sharkey County are seeing their homes and businesses destroyed after a tornado ripped through the town of Rolling Fork.

Officials with the Sharkey County Coroner’s Office say at least 13 people are dead.

Looking along Highway 61, you would think a bomb had gone off. Homes, churches, offices and other buildings were leveled during the tornado.

Many residents of Rolling Fork are now without homes. Only the frames are left of homes on Lewus Street. Boats and vehicles were heavily damaged by the high winds. Large trees and power lines were uprooted and toppled over.

Most of the destruction lies along Highway 61. Many buildings are now just twisted metal and broken bricks. Residents and people who once lived in Rolling Fork say it’s heartbreaking to see the town they loved reduced to rubble.

“I’m horrified. I just don’t know how they’re going to rebuild,” said Becky Coats, a resident.

“It’s very devastating. This is where I grew up where I went to high school. It’s so close to home that we call this home, too. Y’all just pray for us. Everybody is working together, and everything is going to be okay,” said Gayle Coleman, a former resident.

“Seeing this place that I grew up in just being completely destroyed in one night in one swoop, it’s devastating and heartbreaking,” said Jakobe Smith, who is a 12 News employee and whose family is from Rolling Fork.

Emergency management crews are still working through the rubble to make sure everyone is accounted for.