JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – With another day of heavy rain in Central Mississippi, areas across the Jackson-metro have experienced flash flooding.

Water covered up part of J.R. Lynch Street on Tuesday. There was also flash flooding on Mill Street at High Street and Gallatin Street at the viaduct.

The flash flooding also caused a car to become stuck in the water on Tuesday afternoon. The incident happened on Oklahoma Street in Jackson.

Officials said it is not safe for motorists to drive through flooded roads.

Drive Safe MS leaders said if you encounter a flooded road, turn around, don’t drown. The rising water may engulf the vehicle and the occupants inside. Do not camp or park your vehicle along streams or creeks during threatening conditions.

Here are some flood safety tips from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA):

  1. Get to higher ground – Get out of the areas subject to flooding
  2. Do not drive into water – Do not drive or walk into flooded areas. It only takes 6″ of water to knock you off your feet
  3. Stay informed – Monitor local radar, television, weather radio, internet or social media for updates

Officials with the American Medical Response (AMR) offered these tips if there’s a possibility if you need to escape from your car due to flooding:

  • Do your best to stay calm but act quickly. Remember: Your vehicle will float briefly but how long depends on the type of vehicle and other factors. Every second is critical.
  • Unbuckle your seat belt.
  • Do not even try to open the door. Water is putting as much as 2,000 pounds of pressure on the door. Once the car is fully underwater, doors will open, but, by then, you should have already escaped.
  • Try once to lower a window. If the window doesn’t roll down, break it. If you have a tool made for breaking windows, use it. If not, strike the window hard with an object such as your cell phone or keys. If you have a laptop with you, use it to break the window. You can also pull the headrest off a seat and slam the metal legs through the window. Don’t try to break the front or rear windshields, since they’re harder than side windows. Another option: Kneel on the seats facing away from the window, brace yourself and kick the window hard. Water will start rushing into the car. Time is running out.
  • If there are children in safety seats behind you, unbuckle the oldest child first and push the child out the window. If the youngest child is an infant or toddler, hold the child to your chest and push yourself and the child through the window and up to the surface.
  • When you surface: If you can swim to shore, do it.
  • If you can latch onto a tree or other stationary object, do it and keep hanging on.
  • After your escape from the vehicle, the current might carry you downstream. Turn on your back, stick out your legs and go feet first.

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