JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After deadly tornadoes swept through Mississippi, cities surrounding Sharkey County are trying to rebuild. Many organizations are providing much needed help for families and their recovery efforts.

“Our focus is to start in Rolling Fork, and we’re going to run the whole path of the tornado hoping to end somewhere near Amory, possibly a little further North. My goal is to stop wherever things are needed, carry a couple of people with me to stop along the way and be able to help, be able to donate. Hopefully, empty out this trailer by the time I make it that far,” said Daniel Freeman with Noel Daniels Motors Company.

Other organizations such as the Salvation Army said they are trying a comprehensive approach by providing emotional and spiritual care.

“There may not be a need for an individual for water or food, but they just need to talk to someone. That’s really where the salvation army differentiate themselves from a lot of other groups. The fact that we are able to meet some emotional and spiritual challenges that the individual may have,” stated Major Chris Thornhill, area commander for Greater New Orleans.

Thornhill added some residents are not able to get out of their neighborhoods, so his team goes to them to provide needs they may have. Lunch and dinner is also being provided each day.