SHARKEY COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – One Mississippi organization is bringing hope and warm meals to the people of Rolling Fork after the town was hit by an EF4 tornado on Friday.

Families are working to piece back together what they can after the tornado.

The General Missionary Baptist State Convention of Mississippi (GMBSCM) hosted its first food giveaway in Rolling Fork on Wednesday.

“We understand the enormity of the problem of God, so we want to come here and let the people of all involved know that they are not in this alone, in this with them,” said Ronald Moore, a member of the group. 

Men from across the state joined together to fellowship and feed the community with a hearty meal.

“We felt it our obligation and duty to really not just talk about it, but be about it, be about the action and and showing people that in time of need that they can count on on people to come and serve and really love on them during during this critical time,” said Rev. Reginald Buckley, president of the group.

A deacon of First Baptist Church in Rolling Fork said he’s thankful for all of the donations and assistance that they’ve received.

“What we’re looking at when we ask for monetary gifts is for rebuilding efforts. These people are going to need furniture, appliances, and help with housing,” explained Gene Boykin, a deacon at First Baptist Church.

Members said they’re in for the long-haul and will provide as many resources as possible.

“We’re going to continue to come to help as much as we can because they need the help. And everybody please donate, donate, donate,” said Jennifer Wilson, a volunteer.

Residents are staying strong. With the help of so many organizations, they believe full recovery will happen.