SILVER CITY, Miss. (WJTV) – Six months after a tornado tore through Silver City, the town is still working to rebuild.

The March 24th tornado damaged homes and businesses. The storm is still fresh in the minds of those who live in the town.

“I think they focused more on Rolling Fork than they did Silver City. But I think if we could get some more volunteers to come up and just need to hang in and think about the people when they are in need,” said Lee Walker, a volunteer.

Angela Richardson’s home near Jackson Avenue was destroyed during the tornado. She said her family is still living in a hotel room due to the lack of help and resources.

“I think it’s very disheartening, especially as a mom, and I have four boys. And for us to be in this hotel room for the past six months with limited resources, it’s been very difficult. And that’s why a lot of families here with limited resources, it’s been difficult even for people who’ve been staying with family members or was able to acquire a place to stay. It’s still not home,” Richardson said.