(KDVR) — Did you know lightning is considered the most dangerous type of weather in several states? And some activities are more closely associated with lightning deaths.

An analysis of 2006-19 data by the National Lightning Safety Council and the National Weather Service found the activities most associated with lightning deaths in the U.S.

Fishing takes the top spot with 40 deaths nationwide. Beach activities and camping take the second and third spots.

Activities with the most lightning deaths:

  1. Fishing: 40
  2. Beach: 25
  3. Camping: 21
  4. Farming/ranching: 20
  5. Motorcycle/ATV: 19
  6. Boating: 18
  7. Social gathering: 16
  8. Walk to/from home: 16
  9. Roofing: 15
  10. Construction: 13
  11. Soccer: 12
  12. Yardwork: 12

When breaking down the victims by gender, 79% were male, while only 21% were female.

Lightning can strike from up to 10 miles away. Anytime you can hear thunder, it’s a sign that lightning is close enough to strike.

The safest places to be when storms with lightning roll through are inside a building or a car. It is best to wait inside for at least 30 minutes after the last time you hear thunder or see lightning before going back outside.

Even though it may seem like just something you hear about, lightning striking people is real and dangerous. So far in 2023, the National Weather Service reports four people have died by lightning.

Over the past decade, NWS reports 2016 had the most U.S. lightning fatalities, with a total of 40 people dying that year. All-in-all, the safety council and the NWS analysis showed 418 people were hit and killed by lightning between 2006 and 2019. Stay safe, folks!